Friday, March 7, 2008

I Was Thinkin

As I drove from one account to the next, I found myself thinking about the political races. All the candidates are promising if we vote for them, we will be voting for change.

I believe our nation is in need of change.

I caught myself wondering if America really thinks because we change presidents, it will bring about the change we so desperately need.

After the excitement of the elections fade. The new guy is in office. Give him 60 days or so to fix the mess we're in. When he hasn't, will we start complaining.

My thoughts are...

The change we need isn't going to come from any one candidate. The change must come from each and every one of us. When each American decides to do things different.

Maybe instead of spending so many hours at the office, Dad will come home early to spend time with his kids. Maybe the cashier will smile and greet their next customer instead of acting like they are an inconvenience. Maybe Mom can think back and remember why she fell for Dad and fix his favorite dinner. Maybe the teacher can reach out to that kid that pushes her to the edge every day and find something encouraging to say to him.

There are so many things I could do different. The biggest being, remembering who is really in control. I am a child of a loving and merciful God. Do I act like it. Not always.

We're all in this together. Instead of looking out for number one, maybe we should step out of our comfort zones and extend our hand to our fellow brothers.

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christianwhosenameisamy said...

Hi, my name is Amy. I just read your post on Carmen's blog. (Carmen from the Joyfm). My ex boyfriend went into an ARC at the Salvation Army for many similar things and now, 10 months later is doing wonderfully. Before he went in he was a lost soul, who didn't know God. Now he's been saved and is living a wonderful, sober, happy life. I will pray for your son, because I know God did wonderful things in our lives and he can do wonderful things for your son as well. God bless.