Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Lost Without You

My camera I mean.
I moved into the digital age two years ago. I had no choice! We received a Kodak Easyshare for Christmas.
I like predictability. Change is very hard for me. The thought of moving into unfamiliar territory frightened me. We've only had a computer (which is a hand-me-down) for two years for cryin' out loud! Now a digital camera! Life seemed to be moving too fast. Taking me places I wasn't sure I was ready to go. I kept my apprehension to myself of course.
Well. Let me tell you. I have always loved photography. But I have become addicted. Click, click, click. OOPS! Don't like it. Erase. Click, click, click some more. Tim kinda just shakes his head the way he does.
After becoming a photo fanatic...the camera died a couple weeks ago. What now? No photos? I felt anxiety set in. I have the best honey in the world. With-out me even asking... he took me to Wally World!
New camera in hand, I thought my first shot should be of the friend I had lost. The camera I mean. Maybe memorialize it in my blog. Got the shot all set up. Click, click, click.
I excitedly went to the computer to upload the pictures but... the software won't work. Like I said our computer is well over 10 years old.
I can take all the pictures I want, but cant upload any. What fun is that???
UPDATE: 8/26/2009
As you see by the uploaded photo, we have been computer shopping! With-out me even asking... my honey took me to Wally World last weekend. He's so good to me!

Two Thumbs Up

When I see something cute...
I try to pass it along.
Like I said ... very cute.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chill Out

It's so easy to get caught up in the rush of everyday stuff isn't it? How many moments have been lost, never to be relived, as a result of being in a hurry?

I pass by a pasture just east of 75. The sun is usually just making it's appearance and the early morning mist is still laying heavy on the field. I see this and I experience a moment of peace before I get down to the business of the day. Seeing views like this helps to remind me that...Yes, everything is all right.

I have wondered how many people pass this same field and miss this. It's a shame. Maybe I'm the one who's crazy! That could very well be. But this is free! Put out there by God. For anyone who wants to partake!
Take a moment and check this out.

Violinist Josh Bell plays incognito in Washington subway

A reminder to take the time to smell the roses as they say.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beauty and Versitility

I grow them because they are so happy and bright. I started last year with two varieties. I saved the heads to gather the seeds to plant this year. I laid the heads outside to dry. Don't do this! I am one who learns better by making the mistake myself. The next day after returning from work I went to check the drying process and you guessed it. They were gone. I figure the squirrels had a nice little picnic. I'm assuming it was squirrels as they were of the Mammoth variety. I did manage to harvest some seeds and they are coming along nicely.
As a food source these guys have been prepared the same way as an artichoke, the closed buds were considered a delicacy by the Europeans. Their seeds have been crushed, used for baking and roasting. We buy 20 lb. bags of the things for our backyard guests. Highly nutritious. They contain linoleic acid and vitamin E. The polyunsaturated fatty acid content is higher than olive oil. Containing vitamin A and D it makes an excellent antioxidant.
Ever noticed how their little heads follow the sun? Well, Greek mythology talks of Clytie and Apollo. Supposodly Clytie loved Apollo. They were tight for a while then Apollo was off to greener pastures. Clytie sat day after day turning her head to watch Apollo move across the sky in his chariot. O.K girls. A pathetic picture, but can you relate? Anyways the gods finally took pity on the poor fool and turned her into a flower.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Conditional Surrender

I thought I'd share with you a sculpture displayed at our bay front. Artist Seward Johnson has captured the famous photograph snapped by Alfred Eisenstaedt after WW II. On display last year during the Season of Sculpture, it has been brought back and some would like to see it stay on our bay front permanently. There is actually a veteran who would like to purchase the statue as long as it stays where it's at.
I can go into all the junk about my art background, blah, blah, blah, but won't. I appreciate the inspiration but I myself would prefer a scaled down (way scaled down!) version. Possibly bronze. This thing is almost three stories high! My vote would have been to get rid of it. But wait! I drive by this quite a few times during the week. What I've noticed is the people taking pictures in front of it. I catch myself smiling as I sit at the light and watch the couples imitate the pose.
So, once again, I am willing to admit my first opinion was a little rash. I have witnessed the happiness this has brought to a whole lot of people. Let the sometimes overeducated critics hate it. I love it for the reactions it has gotten, the smiles it has brought, the moment in time it portrays. Thanks Seward for putting it out there. All 26 feet!
My horizons have not, however expanded to accept the car wreck thing as art. If you aren't familiar with SRQ. It's an area where "appearance" means everything. I don't agree with this philosophy at all. But in a city where appearance is everything, I believe the artist could have at least used BMW's, and Jag's.
Just my opinion.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Have a Wonderful 4th

We've had a nice weekend so far. We went on the Patriotic Souvenir Ride yesterday and got a button, met a nice couple and didn't get rained on. The ride ended at Centennial Park. They are having the Suncoast Offshore Race this weekend so all the boats were down there. All weekend we've been hearing the boats go by. Horsepower! I love the sound.
Well the grillmaster is makin' fire. Ready to burn some babybacks. Yummy. Now, I like the old tomatoe based BBQ sauce but Cattlemen's Sweet and Tangy Gold sauce is my favorite. I've also mixed this with some Teryaki and used it on wings. I love fried food. Truth be told... I love food. I love to cook. I love to eat. The best thing is that my honey eats whatever I put in front of him. That's one of our backyard friends waiting for a handout. We feed him ham. Please don't tell me I'm harming him by feeding him ham. I know fried food isn't good for me but I still love it and the bird likes ham. We also have on the menu baked beans and deviled eggs. I mix some chinese hot mustard in the eggs cause I like a little kick. Good food and hopefully some good racing at Daytona tonight. Go 31.

Continuing Education

I can't stand when I find out something I like is potentially bad. Did you notice I didn't say hate?

I justify my need for chocolate by reminding myself of the antioxidant qualities in the cocoa! Yes... I know the dark chocolate is better, but I prefer the milk. It makes me feel better to think i'm doing something good for myself rather than caving to another addiction.

I have always loved the bark of the punk tree . The foliage is not so great but the trunks facinate me. So much character. I have taken many photos and used them as a backdrop. I know they are a source of irritation to allergy sufferers but didn't know they were listed as an invasive species. Thanks Nature Lady. Maybe I was the only one who didn't know.