Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's in store ???

Can you picture yourself growing old and cruddy with the one your with???

For most of my life I couldn't.  Yeah... I may have been with someone.  But actually going through life with them was another story.  I cringe at the thought.  Most I could barely stand after the initial fascination was over.  The fascination stage usually lasted about 4 months.  Why I stayed?  Boredom.  Rebellion.  Afraid of being alone.  There are a lot of sick reasons.  I had issues!

Back to the initial question....

Can you picture yourself actually going through life, till the very end, with the one your with?
I am happy to say.  Now I can.

When I picture Tim and I.  Too old to hold up two wheels.  This is what I see.    

The perfect picture!  This is our dream.  After grinding out a few more years, we're throwin what we can in the sidecar and headin out.  It's on our Bucket List. Headin out on Rt 66.  What fun!

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