Sunday, November 8, 2009


Take me to my happy place.... take me to my happy place... take me to my happy place

(how I felt as friday rolled around) 
The dreaded semi-annual plant sale was set to commence on Friday.  As much as I love plants, I pretty much refuse to purchase anything at our "sale" out of pure principle.  I have a problem giving any of the pittance I make each week back to the owner of this place.    

Shelley, our GH manager is very understanding of our desire not to come back from our route to put in more time at the greenhouse.  She usually tries her best to get the place in order.  Until our "Fearless Leader" throws a wrench in any plan she has.  He is good at such things and I believe he enjoys messing with us.  "Fearless Leader" is not our usual handle (although the first letter is an "f") but I do my best to try to keep my posts clean!

For example. Intent on organizing the cut-back house she is called  to the office to organize and dispense new work shirts.  Priority?  I think not!  Or, instead of sending  two very capable men out on a job... he sends all four!  Leaving Shelley alone.
 We bring back plants from accounts and "regrow" them.  Hundreds of mass canes, marginatas, ags, pothos.  Instead of grouping them together and putting a price on them.  Such as, 10" mass cane... $5, 6" pothos... $2, and so on.  Thursday after our route, we arm ourselves with sharpies and tape and follow "F L" around like little baby ducks follow momma duck.  Individually tagging  each and every plant, as he shouts out the price.

It is an "event" all us techs dread.  Thankfully it is only twice a year.  The best part of it is watching how the "newbies" respond to the whole fiasco.

The snow-birds are back which has made the already unbearable traffic, worse.  By Friday, it's all I can do to not get pulled over for road rage.  Self control must prevail!  I tell myself.  The fact our office phone # is splattered all over our trucks helps a little too.  As I climb on my bike.  Knowing it's almost over.  Just dodge a few more drivers unaware of anyone else on the road but themselves... I'll be home free.
I love the weekend!

    So.  Most of the time my "happy place" is with my honey or with my plants.  As everything was bone dry and neglected I opted for the plants.  I found my Oncidium in bloom.  Another "ill-gotten" aquisition.  Well... some would consider it ill-gotten.  I even came across a humorous article this morning about seed snatchin

Most of my plants are in containers as we rent and the plants go with.  The weather here in SW FL has finally started  to break.  I even had to don (is that the correct spelling?) pants for the ride to work.  It got down to 66 degrees a couple mornings.  I still have to change into shorts because the afternoons are too warm for pants.  There has been a pretty strong wind all week because Ida is blowing in the Gulf so I have been picking up overturned plants the last few days.  The Poinciana I started has really gotten  beat up.  Poor thing.  So after picking everything up and watering.  And watering some more.  Like I said.  BONE DRY. I had to adress the mite problem on my frangipangi and the scale on the oleanders. 

Next issue.  Squirrels.  Now, we do love our little critters.  Most days I can put up with their intrusions into my world.  I will usually pack some peanuts in my pocket because they usually follow me around the yard waiting for a handout.  But it's been a rough week.  No handouts today!As I repotted my lillies, again.  Redistributed the soil they dug up in 90% of my containers.  I was rethinking if I made the right choice.

The weekend is still not over.  I can still burn dinner!! Not really.  Maybe my guy will win in Texas!  Yeah right!  Guess I better leave well enough alone.  

  He found his "happy place"

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