Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another great recipe from George Ewing. I came across it while reading The Sweet Potato Queens' Big Ass Cookbook and Financial Planner. This ones right up my alley. No measuring!

I have an anxiety disorder. When it comes to anything to do with numbers (especially fractions) I start to sweat.
I specifically remember my Boompa (math wizard extraordinaire) sitting me down at the kitchen table when I was young to "help" me with my math. A box of Kleenex, a couple chewed up pencils with erasers rubbed down to the nub and tear stained paper. I survived. God Bless him, I suppose he meant well but I have carried this fear of numbers all through my youth, into adulthood.
So, when I saw this recipe I knew it was one I could use my God given creative abilities to whip up something yummy for me and Timmy. My chance to shine! I hope it will be yours too.

This is what you will need according to George

can opener
really big pan

Open everything in the pantry and refrigerator. Cook according to package directions. Mix well. Chill overnight. Serves a lot.

I catch Tim many times gazing at me out in the kitchen with a look of love in his eyes (I tell myself it's love and not fear) while I concoct something for chow. That's me. The Concoction Queen. Bless his heart, he does eat anything I put down in front of him. We all should have a man in our life who treats us like the precious gems we are.

Concoct: adj. invent, devise, think up, formulate, hatch, dream up.

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