Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Little Girl now has a sister. I call her Cinder-Girl. Tim went to Miami and rescued her. We found her listed on Craigs List. You always kind of wonder what your walking into when you deal with people over the internet. When Tim arrived to check her out, the guy took him down alleys and corridors (the thought did cross his mind he might be walking into something not so good). She was stuffed in back of an old warehouse. All dirty and forgotten. She had been there for a while. She was in pretty rough shape and the owner was asking too much. Tim was gonna head home without her but the guy decided to go down in price. So Happy Birthday to me! Like I said she was in pretty rough shape but that don't scare us (well... Tim). Soon she was pulled apart in our shed. About a week later I got to take her on our first ride. Like I said before God is good. I really thought I'd never have my own ride again. Anyways..... the reason I call her Cinder-Girl. I started thinking about the beauty for ashes thing in the bible. He took me out of the heap of ashes I was in, loved me even though I was less than loveable. He was my savior. I'm not the person I was. Cinder-Girl is kinda the same story. She may be a machine to most people but to Tim and I they are an extension of us. She now has been loved and given another chance to shine! People give her compliments all the time and I recall the night Tim brought her home. Dirty, beat up and forgotten. My God and my honey........ they are good to me. What a life!

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