Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Menagerie

I never paid too much attention to chickens until I saw a news clip and spotted one of these silkies . I did a little research and found out they are good for pest control, fertilization, etc. They are good for the environment. Oh yes, Iv'e heard the horror stories too. How they will uproot anything you may try to grow. But I don't care. They're cute and I want some. Most people try to rid themselves of the squirresl as they are pesky little guys, but we love our squirrels. Even though they dig in my stuff. Tim and I will one day own a home. We will have animals. Some for food. Some just because they are cool. Like these guys.
Llamas are on the list too. Dogs, cats, pigs (the mini kind) they're all on the list. I need to research the camel thing , but there is something intriguing about the thought of galloping on a camel! We'll have horses to gallop of course. But I want to run or gallop (whatever camels do) on a camel. I need to do this before I die. It's like seeing a cow run! I just get a kick out of it. Dreams! Wild imaginings! A sense of humor. It all helps.

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