Friday, January 8, 2010

A new year, a new desire

I have this itch to start a butterfly garden this year. 
Things are changing.  Me along with them.  I have never been much on growing flowering plants. 
I've been researching host and nectar plants and thinking about where to place the garden. 
I grow most of my plants in containers but I'm thinkin' I might just do some digging on the property.  I know the landlord won't mind.  I figure a lot of the flowers will produce seed so I'll just collect seed and cuttings if we ever have to move.  Sounds like a plan to me.
I will also have to get used to things chewing on my plants.  I'm kinda wierd that way.  I think it's a casualty of my line of work.  Unless a client does such gardening, they usually want anything eating their plants, gone.

I was browsing butterfly stuff and ran across this video.  It got me misty.  I love motivational stuff.

So, it has been freezing here in SW FL.  I've been holed up for two days with the flu.  I finally got out to check my plants.

 I didn't even bring my orchids in!  BAD GIRL!
 My pentas and my coleus took a little hit from the cold.

But they should recover

Or not.

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