Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Orchid Thief

I'm reading The Orchid Theif.  Great book.  I think what makes it so good for me is I live here and the places they talk about, I'm familiar with. 
I will admit I have come by quite a few of my orchids from OP's stock but John Laroche...he takes the cake.  Susan's portrayal of John Laroche is so seedy, I find him likeable.  I haven't finished the book yet, so my opinion of him may change. 


The book got me so curious I'll have to schedule a trip to Naples next summer to see if it blooms again.
 rare ghost orchid

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dkchristi said...

You may want to read "Ghost Orchid" by D. K. Christi just released - and follow the path of the mystical and very real ghost orchid of Corkscrew Swamp - a story that adds meaning to the ghostly orchid high in the canopy. Available at B&N locally & & all print and ebook online sites. Book signing Feb. 6 at B&N Estero.