Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two thumbs up for Ocala

We packed up the bikes last month and headed north. We got as far as St Augustine. I've always wondered what it was like. Been here 30 years and have never been there. Always sounded like a quaint place. We went to the beach first. After dodging traffic and trying to find a place to park we decided we had seen enough. I thought it would be a little slower being a weekday and later in the season. Wrong. So, I stuck my foot in the ocean, snapped a couple pics and we left.We're not into all the tourist hurry here gotta go there stuff. Anyway we headed down to Silver Springs. Tim lived in Ocala for a while and knew a lot of nice roads through the forests . We pulled off the road and just listened. The breeze rustling the leaves. The birds. If we heard a car it was from miles away. I had one of those moments. The ones that you can't put into words. The ones you don't understand until you experience it yourself. It's was even better experiencing it with my honey. Pretty cool. Old timers sitting on their porches waved as we passed! Friendly people wherever we went. I do believe this is where I would like to live. Thanks Ocala for some real nice memories, and some beautiful glimpses of God's earth.

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