Wednesday, August 26, 2009

High "Tech" Anxiety

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I wanted to ask this woman if she realized her plants looked like "pooh", but couldn't find any way of wording it as not to offend.
So... I kept my big mouth shut. Put the blinders on and went to work. I had a noticable twitch when I left.

This is what a mass cane should not look like!

These guys actually live (barely) in one of the upscale LBK condos. AND... his owner actually owns a fertilizer company!!!

WHATEVER, right?

Here's another little beauty!

Now, I tend to think the less "care" my orchids, or any of my plants for that matter, get... the better off they are! I have found most people tend to over-do caring for a plant. Well... there is a limit to how far you should go in not caring for your plant!

I had the enjoyment of caring for these neglected children while the parents were on vacation. I actually brought my camera to take the pics so I wouldn't be blamed for harming her plants after their return. Kind of an insurance policy.

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