Sunday, July 5, 2009

Conditional Surrender

I thought I'd share with you a sculpture displayed at our bay front. Artist Seward Johnson has captured the famous photograph snapped by Alfred Eisenstaedt after WW II. On display last year during the Season of Sculpture, it has been brought back and some would like to see it stay on our bay front permanently. There is actually a veteran who would like to purchase the statue as long as it stays where it's at.
I can go into all the junk about my art background, blah, blah, blah, but won't. I appreciate the inspiration but I myself would prefer a scaled down (way scaled down!) version. Possibly bronze. This thing is almost three stories high! My vote would have been to get rid of it. But wait! I drive by this quite a few times during the week. What I've noticed is the people taking pictures in front of it. I catch myself smiling as I sit at the light and watch the couples imitate the pose.
So, once again, I am willing to admit my first opinion was a little rash. I have witnessed the happiness this has brought to a whole lot of people. Let the sometimes overeducated critics hate it. I love it for the reactions it has gotten, the smiles it has brought, the moment in time it portrays. Thanks Seward for putting it out there. All 26 feet!
My horizons have not, however expanded to accept the car wreck thing as art. If you aren't familiar with SRQ. It's an area where "appearance" means everything. I don't agree with this philosophy at all. But in a city where appearance is everything, I believe the artist could have at least used BMW's, and Jag's.
Just my opinion.

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