Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm Lost Without You

My camera I mean.
I moved into the digital age two years ago. I had no choice! We received a Kodak Easyshare for Christmas.
I like predictability. Change is very hard for me. The thought of moving into unfamiliar territory frightened me. We've only had a computer (which is a hand-me-down) for two years for cryin' out loud! Now a digital camera! Life seemed to be moving too fast. Taking me places I wasn't sure I was ready to go. I kept my apprehension to myself of course.
Well. Let me tell you. I have always loved photography. But I have become addicted. Click, click, click. OOPS! Don't like it. Erase. Click, click, click some more. Tim kinda just shakes his head the way he does.
After becoming a photo fanatic...the camera died a couple weeks ago. What now? No photos? I felt anxiety set in. I have the best honey in the world. With-out me even asking... he took me to Wally World!
New camera in hand, I thought my first shot should be of the friend I had lost. The camera I mean. Maybe memorialize it in my blog. Got the shot all set up. Click, click, click.
I excitedly went to the computer to upload the pictures but... the software won't work. Like I said our computer is well over 10 years old.
I can take all the pictures I want, but cant upload any. What fun is that???
UPDATE: 8/26/2009
As you see by the uploaded photo, we have been computer shopping! With-out me even asking... my honey took me to Wally World last weekend. He's so good to me!

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