Saturday, June 13, 2009

Goober Peas

How do I keep squirrels out of my plants? Have you ever heard this question? I've heard it discussed in grocery lines. I've read numerous tips and tricks to keep the little critters at bay. I've come up with a fail-proof method of dealing with them. This may not work for everyone but for me and my honey, it has worked just fine. We have come to the conclusion we will just deal with them and yes we indulge them. In fact I believe we have over indulged them to the point they hear the back door open and they greet us. Hard as we have tried we can't resist those pleading eyes. Raw peanuts have become a staple in our household. Right up there with therapeutic paper (toilet paper). We have a "bird" feeder we have turned over to our squirrels. The cardinals and jays have to scramble to get a little seed while the little pigs are taking their afternoon siesta.

Anyways, back to the goober pea point of the story. We are now finding peanut plants popping up all over. See. They like to garden too!

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Indigo said...

Cute little critters aren't they? Over here in England, they shoot the litle things, but we don't see many red squirrels! I do like to see them at play, but some times I see them splattered on the country roads....