Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Latest Creation

I felt somewhat creative today and I made this. I love chimes. We have a bunch hangin' around. No home-made ones. The bamboo was a "donation" from a client. I found the piece of wood... oh... I don't know where. It had been hangin' around for a while and thought it would fit the purpose. The beads came off a plant hanger that had rotted away. I kept the beads cause thats what I do. You never know when some stuff can be "recycled". I think it's kinda cool. I think it's a keeper. I'll have to keep an eye out for some larger bamboo. Of course I'll probably have to start carrying a saw in my truck. This is about as big as I can cut with my pruners.
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Anonymous said...

I was searching the web this morning trying to find some information on a tree that I found growing in my yard. I am not sure, but think it may either be a Royal Poinciana or a Jacaranda. To me the leaves are so similar, so kind of hard to identify it since I didn't grow it from a seed myself.

It's a very quick grower if that gives any clue?

I was wondering if I could e-mail you a picture of what I have and maybe you could help me since you seem very knowledgeable (and passionate) about plants and trees...much like myself :o)

My e-mail address is:

Thank you in advance if you can help me with this!

Jo Marie

p.s. Yes, it is *much* more fun to grow stuff yourself instead of just buying a plant/tree. I am teaching my 3 1/2 year old this and she is pretty amazed. She even has an avocado tree I started from a tree over 3 years ago :o)

carolann said...

Hey Jo Marie,
Tried to e-mail you but delivery failed for some reason. Be glad to help you if I can.
Thanks for the "knowledgeable" comment. I'm no master in horticulture. Most of my knowledge comes from alot of trial and error and OJT.
Hope to hear from you.

SkynyrdChick said...

Hi Carol Ann,
My name is Jo Marie and I had commented before about a tree I am trying to identify. I have started a blog now and just uploaded another picture of this "thing" that is growing on the tree now. Is there anyway you can take a quick peek at my blog/the picture and see if you can help me? I'd really like to get this tree planted, but really want to know what it is first so I know to plant it in the correct location in my yard. Thank you in advance :o)
Jo Marie