Thursday, September 10, 2009

High "Tech" Anxiety III

Another post in the series High "Tech" Anxiety

There is a happy ending so it's OK

Please leave a supply of strong sedatives next to the hose bib if you are going to have me come to your house to water and your plants look like this.
This particular woman does not want us to prune or to spray.
Just water please.
Now I admit, here, there is a reason for not spraying. She raises butterfly's. I believe she should invest in some ladybugs or something. Or have a nice neighbor who doesn't care that the scale is now sucking the life out of the moss growing between the pavers.
The not pruning thing is beyond me. Do people really find a tuft of foliage at the end of a 3' snake-like limb attractive? I wonder. Anyway. It stresses me out. Just let me loose with some pruners.
This whole place is like the cottage garden gone bad.

Like I said there is a happy ending.

I got a cutting off this wonderful desert rose.
~Adenium Obesum~

And I got some pink  Ruellia. I have some of the "Purple Showers" so I thought this was a necessary addition to the family. Snip, snip.
I just have to bathe the cutting in some soap to get the critters of them.

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