Thursday, September 3, 2009

One man's trash is another mans treasure

I was stunned when I found out Air Potatoes (Dioscorea bulbifera) are being sold on the Internet. I worked with a guy from Ohio who had me out gathering them with him so he could take them back up north. WHATEVER! They're pretty enough until they have engulfed your landscape.
Then there are all kinds of sites on "How To Grow Spanish Moss"
(Tillandsia usneoides)
There's even a person on Daves Gardens that has it on her tradelist.
I guess there is the southern ambiance thing going on.
Old oaks dripping in the stuff.
It's great when a big wad of it gets caught in the mower. Or how the hurricane force winds blow it from the trees and piles of it lay like so many cow pies in your yard.

One mans trash is another mans treasure

I guess we all see things differently. In one part of the country we're rootin' out and pullin' up. In another... they're wondering how to propagate it.
Go figure

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