Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Survival Stories

This plumeria is a cutting my mom was going to throw away.
Excuse me.  Not while I'm around!
I started him about three months ago.  Blooms already!
I love it!!!  
I have to smell him every time I go by.  The fragrance has got to be somewhere close to heaven. 
To think he was headed to the trash. 
Hibiscus are a regular in SW FL landscape.  They are everywhere!!!
You see so many you might miss their beauty.  I did.
Check out the flowers.
The hibuscus below was actually planted in the ground.   Most of my stuff is in containers in case we move.  Anyway... his spot got too crowded so we had to yank him up.  In the process, his trunk split.  OUCH!  I felt bad. 
He was pretty sad looking for about three weeks.  Tons of yellow leaves.  Droopy. 
Two weeks ago I pruned him back pretty good and look.  He's blooming.  I think he likes his new home.
Another survivor!

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