Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whats growin' today???

It's probably been three months ago.  The neighbor up front moved out and we were cleaning up the lawn.  I, of course, had to grab some of the bulbs that  were there. 
I thought they were amaryllis.

I do a walk-a-bout everyday and am usually the one who spots someting blooming.
Not today. My honey spotted this.
Turns out what I thought was an amaryllis is actually Hymenocallis, a genus of the ammaryllis family.

I ran across a cool site while searching for the proper name of the bulb.

I was also excited to see the Alamanda seeds I had planted are sprouting.  I had grabbed a couple pods off a bush.  They have been sitting around for quite a while.  Not knowing whether they would grow or not, I planted 5 and 4 have sprouted.
Easy... that's what I like.

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Amy said...

Wow, that is an unusual flower. Very pretty!