Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cuban Sandwich

I wanted to do a little something different for raceday munchies. 

Have you ever tried something new and had it turn out like pooh?  I have, and it sometimes keeps me from experimenting.

I used this recipe from Three Guys from Miami
There is a link to follow for the lechon (pork).

Hope ya like garlic!  I LOVE garlic.

I had to smash'em using a brick wrapped in foil.  This worked great if you don't have a press. 

                         Made some of these bad-boys for desert.

My honey is a patient man.  I made him wait till I got a decent shot of the sandwich before he could eat. 

 Yummy-yum.  I love sugar!!!

Update:  The Cubans were excellant! 
One of the things that really makes me happy is when I make something and Tim really likes it.

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