Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My orchids new home

I really needed to get some of my orchids out of the tree.
 I don't want them to root in there so much it's difficult to get them out.
So off to Wally World I go
 Wally World sells orchids, orchid mix, orchid fertilizer, but no orchid boxes! 
They didn't even have orchid pots.   

As I am way too lazy to run around Sarasota looking for stuff.  I came up with this handy dandy coconut planter.  Whatever works, right?

This is where I stash my starts till I'm energetic enough to pot them up.  In my punk tree.  They love it.

As I was digging some of them out of the tree I found this guy!  A newbie!
I've said it before...
They thrive on neglect

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